Burzynski on Panorama: More details ahead of tonight’s airing.

So, Panorama airs tonight. It’s very hard in a 30 minute program to go into all the detail that’s required to fully understand why there are so many questions unanswered about treatment protocols and efficacy at The Burzynski Clinic. Here I’ve detailed what you can expect to see and provided links to get greater detail that maybe lacking from the show.

Luna and Amelia

In tonight’s show you will almost certainly see two patients featured fairly heavily. They are Amelia Saunders and Luna Petagine. You’ll see the heartbreaking choices that parents sometimes have to make to do whatever they can to save their wonderful children. You will see both children sadly pass away.

It’s at great personal discomfort that I write this. Nothing beginning to touch the scale of Amelia’s and Luna’s parents, but it is so very important that you understand the full details of both these tragic stories.

The Other Burzynski Patient Group page, in anticipation of tonight’s Panorama, have written up both these stories. They are stories of the worst kind of heartbreak and sorrow, but the full detail must be understood in order to see why The Burzynski Clinic aren’t selling hope, they’re selling false hope.

Amelia’s Story can be read here. It’s a long post because her parents documented many of the ins and outs in great detail. See how they are told that no change in tumour size is positive for months and that the clinics interpretation of Amelia getting worse, is that she’s getting better. Again, sadly, a story that other patients have heard going back to at least 1994.

Luna’s story can be read here. It’s heartbreaking, but it covers important points that the show may not cover.

I implore you to read them and write about them and tweet about them.

Burzynski is interviewed

Yep. The man himself, after many delays, agreed to be interviewed for the show. A section, if not the whole interview is available to view, right now, on the BBC website.

Listen to him say that he can’t produce details of the trials. This is a lie. He just can’t advertise the results, which is a very different matter. It’s also worth remembering that these new results, so soon to be published, follow a pattern of unfinished and unpublished trails. Details of which can be found going back over 20 years on the the US government’s CinicalTrials.gov website. He is treating people without evidence that Antineoplastons work. For 35 years, no less.

Wayne Merritt

I know that Wayne was interviewed for the show. I know that he and his charming wife Lisa, who I’ve had the pleasure of emailing with and sharing details of Wayne and Lisa’s struggles with cancer, spoke about the legal threats they received from the clinic. Wayne and Lisa run the Burzynski Scam website, detailing their dealings with the clinic. It drew the attentions of Marc Stephens, a man hired by the clinic to get as much of the adverse press removed from the Internet as he could. I don’t know that the production team will have time to include details about Marc Stephens.

Marc Stephens, who is not a lawyer, made legal threats against the Merritt’s and many others that speak highly to the lengths the clinic are willing to go to in order to remove any negative press. It was a tactic that backfired dramatically.

Rhys Morgan

I also suggest you read the story of Rhys Morgan, a school boy at the time. Read how Marc sent Rhys a picture of his house and made pseudo-legal threats to silence him. Rhys was initially interviewed for the show, but was cut so they could focus more on the science.

Panorama is the start

As I said above, Panorama is a starting point. The British public and the rest of the world need to see Burzynski for what he really is. He offers a treatment, but provides no real evidence that it works. He claims ANP can cure cancer, yet most people treated don’t survive beyond the expected mean. He time and time again says “wait and see”. We wait, but never see. 35 years and 61 registered clinical trails, the world has waited. We still don’t see.

The only real “hope” offered is that people become better informed about this “cure for cancer”. That when the name Burzynski is mentioned, while desperately looking for an alternative, people know that he offers only expensive false hope and deception and nothing more.

If you want more reading, listening and contact details, I wrote briefly about this a few days ago. Details can be found here.

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