Errol Denton: Word Clouds of hate

Errol Denton is a Live Blood Analysts. Live Blood Analysis is quackery. If you want to read more about the lack of science behind it, may I recommend the following locations:

Jo Brodie’s Blog

The Guardian

Science Based Medicine Blog

Jo Brodie, Edzard Ernest & Mark Crislip do a much better job than I can of explaining that, taking blood samples and looking at them through a microscope, will not help to diagnose cancer, diabetes and a whole host of other conditions, that he has claimed to treat.

I’m less interested in this, than I am his personal campaign of hate against Jo Brodie and Josephine Jones. He seems to have taken a particular interest in these two. I mean, it’s not as if other people, men, haven’t spoken out about him and his practice. Here’s a couple of links for you:

The Daily Quack

Guy Chapman’s “Blahg”

I make the point that other complainants are men, because Errol appears to have singled out the only two women who are making waves in Errol’s world. Now, I feel fairly confident that JJ and JB would pay little interest to this point, as I would normally. But I feel it speaks somewhat to Errol’s character.

You can imply what you want. I’m going to imply that Errol thought he’d found an easy target. That these women would shy away from this vicious and unfounded verbal attack. Well, he was wrong.

While Errol launched into a tirade of personal insults, including such choice words and phrases as, “sociopath”, “Nazi”, “Racist”, “devious serpent” and “filthy dog”, naming just some, JJ & JB didn’t retaliate. Nor did they retaliate when he used a picture of a lynch-mob hanging a man to describe them.

If you really want to read the ramblings of a man, who is quite likely, diagnosable, then goto Errol’s blog. Just type in the word ‘racist’ and read away!

Something Different
Anyway, I decided to ‘word cloud’ a few of Errol’s blogs. I paid particular interest to his more hate filled blogs. I thought this might make for an interesting visual representation of his words. As Jo said earlier on twitter, they are “a thing of beauty & horror”, which I guess is what I was going for. I’ll let you decide for yourselves!

This is the word cloud from his November 10th post:

Word Cloud - 10th November 2012

And this is from his November 18th post:


It’s strikes me that some very hurtful language can be displayed quite artistically. I wonder if Errol will ever learn the art of reasoned debate, rather than using powerful words to silence those who question him?

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