Homeopathy and Homosexuality


UPDATE – 4th May 2013

I can’t believe I’m having to add this section, but I’m getting so many search engine terms leading to this post, I feel the following needs to be added.

Homeopathy does not work. It has been thoroughly disproven and if it did work, would go against all the relevant laws of physics as to leave us to reassess every understanding we have. It isn’t unproven, it’s disproven. Please do not use homeopathy to treat anything. As a side point, homosexuality is NOT an illness, despite whatever your cultural or religious beliefs tell you. If you are having issues with your own sexuality, I recommend you seek professional help from a qualified medical doctor or psychiatrist.


Well, well homeopathy. We meet again and so soon after my post about homeopathy for rape. I’m not even surprised. Just disappointed.

I have to thank in part H Jo (@SparkleWildfire) of the Healthy Dose of Skepticism Blog for mentioning this to me. I say “in part” because, well, I’m not that sure how thankful I am for her bringing it to my attention.

Mark O’Sullivan, an Irish homeopath, was kind enough to call me attention seeking and also remarked that he wasn’t able to read my last post because of the factual claims I made about homeopathy being disproven. So for his sake I’ll just provide a link here for you to go and read about it.

While using homeopathy as a cure or treatment for homosexuality doesn’t appear to be a widely held position, it is still held by some homeopaths. Here’s an example from the Hpathy website:

Posted by: mathew

i am a homosexual guy.

i was sexually abused by men in my childhood.

i dont feel attracted to girls.

i take the passive(girl’s)role in homosex.

i feel very dependent to males.

now i am 29 and want to marry.

any way i can change my behaviour?

i am fatty and heft, and depressed.. any homeopathic medicine? thankyou . mathew

Dr. Leela D’Souza is on hand to offer this poor chap a mixture of spiritual advice and homeopathic healing:

Wanting to change this behaviour requires a lot of spiritual healing in addition to homeopathic treatment. It could be possible, but you would need to work hard on it.
Post again if you are really serious and we’ll see what we can do.
dr. leela D’souza

Another example can be found on the ABC Homeopathy forum. This example is more interesting because there are obvious conflicts between members regarding the nature of homosexuality being an illness. The link is here, but I’ve taken some excerpts.

The question is asked:

did any homeopathy remedy help in let a gay be straight …?? thanks

One commenter adds:

i dont know why people want to ramin themselves as gay ,why they dont want to change themselves, i am gay i dont know why,from my childhood i had an attraction towards male.i want to change my self please help me ,i fell in love with a man ,where should i go he doesnt accepts me,i hate gayness ,no future ,gay means disableness and i dont think so there is no remedy for it,owe to the people who think it is just psyche ,please help me

Some advice is offered:

day 1
please take three doses of stramonium 30c at a gap of 4 hours.

day 2 to day 30
please take following bach flower remedies thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours

cherry plum
crab apple

To take one dose of the above flower remedies you should add 2 drops each of above remedies to some 30 ml water and sip water slowly.

please report after 1 month.

Bach Flower Remedies are generally available at a homeo store.

please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no junk food and black drinks, no strong perfumes, not to eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.

Followed by more advice:

agnus, med, nux-v, plat, staph and thuja all are for homosexuality.

see which one suits you best, i personally think there always an undelying miasm in such cases and needs to be adressed first.

And a little more:

Platina is the appropriate drug for homosexuality.It is suited for perverted sexual desire.So anybody who have perverted sexual desire like homosexuality,lesbianism,mesochism,fetichism etc can try platina.

Some of this is genuinely troubling. Ignore the homeopathy for a minute. There are some truly troubled people here, for whom I have nothing but sympathy. They’ve reached out in a desperate attempt to find a treatment for what they perceive to be an illness. These people need real help and support. Not homeopathy.

There have been more publicised examples. Back in 2011 the blogosphere was abuzz after details emerged that The Union of Catholic Physicians of Germany were offering homeopathic treatments to keep homosexual “inclinations” at bay. The quote from their website and details regarding the use of homeopathy for homosexuality have since been removed, but many mainstream reports from the time report the following quote:

“homosexuality is not an illness,” a host of treatments are available to keep such “inclinations” at bay. Possibilities include “constitutional treatments with homeopathic tools … such as homeopathic dilutions like Platinum,” “psychotherapy,” and “religious counseling.” Among homeopathy’s controversial treatments are the prescription of “Globuli,” tiny pills that consisting mostly of sugar.

As you can imagine, The Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany (LSVD) were outraged. I don’t really want to get into a religious discussion and, like I’ve said, this isn’t a mainstream viewpoint. I will say that where homophobia and general intolerance meet classical homeopathic practice, this is a possible outcome.

I guess there’s a few things that need to be addressed here. Working on the principles of homeopathy, what “illness” needs to be treated or cured? Well, nothing. Homosexuality isn’t an illness or a sickness or a lifestyle choice. It’s as unnatural as being white or black or straight. Which is to say, it isn’t. As for “inclinations”, well, if it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. This is just word play to avoid addressing the belief held by the Catholic Physicians of Germany that homosexuality is a sin and offers them a back door to treat without flagging up the religious angle.

How about the law of similars? If like cures like, what would you use to treat homosexuality? Sperm? Highly diluted pictures of Stephen Fry? The tears of a man forced to live a lie because of the homophobic society he’s been raised in? Your guess would be as good as mine. I know my examples are a touch silly, but I’ve heard of parrot droppings and feathers being available, so it may not be that far fetched.

This is the kind of thinking that speaks to a belief system set in the past. 200 odd years in the past. Because homosexuality was viewed as an illness for many many years, there are homeopaths that believe there is a treatment for it. This shows the weakness of a disproven belief system that doesn’t update its approach based on new information.

It also allows for actual harm to happen. There are men and women in the world who believe that their own homosexuality is a moral problem and that also believe in homeopathy. By telling people that its an illness and providing homeopathy to help, homeopaths may only deepen the self blame and confusion.

There are people in this world being made to feel that homeopathy can cure them of a disease they just don’t have. A dangerous combination of misguided societal pressure to conform and a belief or desperate search leads them to homeopathy. No good can come of this and I feel desperately sorry for those who feel this way.

When your core belief is set 200 years in the past, you will find that this kind of issue arises. The reality is that a classical homeopath should believe that there’s a cure for homosexuality. The reason most don’t is because they’ve allowed the modern understanding of the nature of homosexuality to bias them. They have accepted the modern understanding of something and incorporated it into their beliefs and their homeopathic practices.

It’s just a shame they continue to ignore all the other medical and scientific evidence that has continued to mount over the past 200 years, which leads everyone else to the conclusion that homeopathy is a ridiculous, disproven and unjustified practice, that can lead to real psychological and physical injury and damage going untreated.

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12 Responses

  1. Coperfield says:

    David, certainly isn’t a conscious one for the great majority of people. The way sexual orientation develops for most individuals is entirely unconscious. But once you decide to change, you just need to find the resources to do it, and it is not hard.

    • David says:

      I assume you have good evidence to support this claim? I’d certainly be interested in good quality studies that show that sexual orientation is a choice, unconcious or not, that can be changed as you suggest.

  2. Coperfield says:

    Disease? Religion? No. Just a choice.

    The person decides what to do about the orientation.

    There is no right or wrong, only choice.

  3. Babai Ghosh. says:

    I am a gay. But i dont want to be.Sir plz suggest me a homeopathic medicine to be a straight person…………..

  4. Laughing says:

    You might want to check this link on the study of the “pure water” therapy


    And then maybe wonder how Homeopathy is able to help with infants…. maybe “counseling” the parents initiates the healing reaction in their children :)

  5. Laughing says:

    The Homeopaths you quote are not necessarily people who have qualifications and in many cases even qualified Homeopaths do often misrepresent Homeopathy. I can probably give you enough material to last a year on your blog about ridiculous comments and claims by Homeopaths, that does not prove a thing. Just because all English are bad at humor does it mean I would not be able to find an Englishman funny! There are lots of people looking for their share of the fifteen minutes, and they are the ones who are most vocal.

    Since Homeopathic medications are “pure water” one would need to take them in a prescribed manner and notice the changes in a different perspective unlike how we do with traditional medications.

    There is a recorded instance of a person with migraine, established since 08 years after taking treatment for sinusitis. He was on 02 homeopathic medications- Nat Mur 200 and Sang 200, once a day for a month, followed by Sang 200 and Kali Bich 200 once a day again for a month. I would not wish this kind of practice of Homeopathy on anyone as I am witness to what damage it can cause.

  6. Laughing says:

    1. Do not consider all things said by people as to be the facts of Homeopathy, though they may claim to be homeopaths. I find it surprising and naive that you would do that. Are you a skeptic? or are you prejudiced. Ask yourself that.
    2. If one believes Homeopathy is pure water then why not overdose oneself with homeopathic medicines for a period of time and then reach a conclusion on it. My advise would be to not do it as I have seen it can cause side-effects when not taken under supervision, proving that it has medicinal properties.

    Satisfy your curiosity, do not humor it.

    • David says:

      Anyone seen a true Scotsman around here? :-)

      This is a misunderstanding of the basic principals of homeopathy. Using classical homeopathy, if a homeopath or proponent of homeopathy believes that homosexuality is a disease, then homeopathy could be used. This marks one of the obvious errors in homeopathic thinking. Because the user decides, with no evidence what is or isn’t a disease, they decide if a homeopathic treatment can be used.

      Just because you understand that homosexuality isn’t a disease, doesn’t mean millions of people worldwide do as well. This post has received hundreds of hits from people searching for homeopathic treatments for theirs and relatives homosexuality. It’s the reason I added the disclaimer at the top.

      I did recently take a homeopathic overdose. I survived with not a single symptom or issue to report. The excess sugar didn’t even notice!

  7. elburto says:

    The whole thing is just disgusting, but what’s really annoyed me is people claiming that they need to be straight because being gay is a disability. It’s pressed every one of my rage buttons.

    Being gay didn’t stop me from working, from being independent, from having to endure government propaganda about “lazy feckless scroungers”. Being gay doesn’t cause me agonising physical pain, render me unable to move, or force me to rely solely on my partner for help eating, drinking and more.

    Being poor, being disabled and being in this geographical location has a huge impact on every minute of the day. Being gay is the least of my bloody worries.

    I wonder which magic water cures homophobia (both internalised and externally directed)? Essence of Jim Davidson? The skin flakes of the former Pope?

    • David says:

      I bet it did press your rage buttons. It did mine!

      The next posts are going to make you really angry… Not intentional, I can assure you. But this stuff keeps popping up.

      I believe homeopathic Benedictium C30 is used to suppress the urges of pedophiles, not homophobia.

  1. April 17, 2013

    […] čase najdemo med gorečimi privrženci tudi idejo o zdravljenju homoseksualnosti s pripravki,[29] nekateri pa jih oglašujejo tudi kot odlično sredstvo za preventivo proti malariji. Eden izmed […]

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