Homeopathy for Rape?

Homeopathy, as I suspect many of you reading this will fully appreciate, is a completely disproven alternative modality. It flies in the face of so many understandings of chemistry, biology and physics that frankly, it’s embarrassing. There is no mechanism by which homeopathy can work. If the laws of physics change in the future, which they are very very unlikely to do, I may reappraise my position! If you happen to be unfamiliar with homeopathy I recommend doing some of your own research. The 10:23 website would be a good place to start. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll be happy to answer.

So, it was with a heavy heart that I watched a video produced by the Homeopathy World Community. I say heavy heart because I knew that I was about to watch a presenter, Debbie Bruck and two homeopaths talk about rape and treatments they have offered to the victims of rape.

I fully recommend you take 50 minutes out of your lives to watch this, or certainly listen to it. It was genuinely painful to watch and not just because of the truly poor and disorganised content and production value. It upset me and reminded me that people really are hurt by this kind of thing. For me this is near the end of the “what’s the harm?” scale.

I’ve picked on one particular section. I’m my opinion the worst section. But if you watch the whole thing, you’ll realise that there’s plenty for concern in this video.

The homeopaths in question are Anupam Sethi Malhotra and Deepak Sharma of the Orbit Clinic* and Homeopathy On Web.

I’m going to leave Anupam mostly alone in this post. Not because she’s clearly self deluded, but because she almost exclusively doesn’t talk about homeopathy in this video. She concentrates very heavily on the societal causes of rape and the physical and psychological effects. So much so that the host reminds her that it’s a show about homeopathy. Later on the host even confuses Anupam’s description of the immediate effects of rape as being issues that the victim could be unaware of until they’d seen a homeopath.

I’m much more interested in the claims made by Deepak Sharma. He refers directly to the December 2012 case of a 23 year old woman from Delhi. She was subjected to a brutal gang rape which also involved her intestines being removed, with an iron rod, via both the abdomen and the pelvic area. She was also badly beaten to the head, chest and legs. By the time of hospitalisation she was barely alive and unconscious. She underwent emergency surgery to resect a large section of her bowel, in order to stabilise her condition. Sadly, she had little chance of surviving and passed away 7 days later, while on route to a specialist hospital in Singapore.

At the 49.00 minute mark Deepak Sharma states:

“As I mentioned, if your just trying homeopathy to the girl, that girl in December 2012, her situation was that she had a shock, emotionally shock and shock from the loss of bleeding, loss of blood. So, China may work or Arsenicum may work, or carbolics can save her life. And we can use more and more of the homeopathic remedies to save the victims of the rape.”

(I understand that English is not Sharma’s first language. This is as close to accurate as I could get. If you feel I have misquoted him, please let me know)

You have to think to yourself, REALLY‽! He’s not just claiming that homeopathy can be used for the psychological effects of rape, but the actual physical injuries she sustained. I could forgive him somewhat if he wasn’t aware of the physical injuries sustained, but his reference to blood loss seems to indicate that he’s well aware of the injuries involved.

Having reviewed Deepak Sharma’s websites, Homeopathy on Web and Orbit Clinic* it appears that his practice focuses on women and pregnant women. He has also been keen to answer questions about periods, pregnancy and poly cystic ovary syndrome on his Healthcare Magic page. I usually try and avoid speculation but it appears that Sharma considers himself to have some expertise in gynaecological matters. In my opinion this a dangerous and obviously unfounded confidence in the area of women’s health.

Anyone, male or female, who holds the position that rape and serious sexual assault, as with the Delhi rape case, can be treated with homeopathy is in my opinion a danger to society. He don’t appear to show any reservation in his opinion and I genuinely worry for the health of patients.

I will add a couple of points. Counselling and time homeopathic partitioners spend with their patients may offer some psychological relief. This is an area that I feel can be neglected in the medical field. But instead of offering water as treatment, just offer counselling! Don’t be so self deluded that you feel you can save people’s lives with a completely disproven alternative treatment.

Secondly, One of the only positives to be taken from this is people talking about rape. It’s a subject that holds a close and personal importance to me and I feel that education and discussion are important tools for dealing with both the causes and the effects.

It’s just such a shame it’s being done in such a horrific and misguided way.

Happy International Women’s Day…

*The Orbit Clinic website has been taken down after I rather childishly bombed the open message board with questions. I note that it’s now under construction, maybe they will secure their message board a little better next time around.

Some Links

Link to video – http://embed.bambuser.com/broadcast/3277078

Producers of video – http://www.homeopathyworldcommunity.com

Debby Bruck’s website – http://debbybruck.com/main/

Deepak Sharma’s Websites – http://homeopathyonweb.com/

Using rape as a sales tool for homeopathic first aid kits – http://www.homeopathyworldcommunity.com/group/health-inn/forum/topics/rape-is-not-a-laughing-matter

Details of the remedies mentioned above

China – http://www.abchomeopathy.com/r.php/Chin

Carbolic Acid – https://abchomeopathy.com/r.php/Carb-ac

Arsenicum – https://abchomeopathy.com/r.php/Ars

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  1. lurkingabout says:

    Oh. My. god. This is a horrifying example of homeopaths gone into the deep abyss for sure. And yet, nothing is ever, and I mean ever, off-limits to homeopaths.

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  2. April 4, 2013

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