Opinion: Homeopathy and depression

Here’s the thing. When you suggest people use homeopathy for depression, what you’re saying to them is, there’s nothing we can do. You’re telling people that are already in need of help, that they’re helpless.

Homeopathy is basically giving up. Like with the recent Ebola outbreak, homeopaths and its fans, have been saying, “try homeopathy, because allopathic medicine doesn’t have a cure.” Yeah, we know, but unlike homeopaths that isn’t good enough. Researchers are actually working on vaccines, treatments and cures. They haven’t wiped their collective hands together and gone, “Fuck it. This is hard. I think we should just give up and use a disproved hypothesis.”

Science knows it hasn’t got all the answers yet. That’s why we still have science!

Here’s another thing. Homeopaths are, in my experience, shit hot with their clients. They spend one or two hours with them sometimes. This isn’t placebo, this is counselling. Of course their clients feel subjectively better, they have the time that any GP worth their salt would give their arm and a leg for. But it’s not the homeopathy, it’s the inadvertent counselling they provide. Homeopathy cheapens your experience; reducing it to a sugar pill, while putting no weight on the beneficial effects that talking to someone can have.

But if you need to speak to someone about depression you shouldn’t go to a homeopath. Go to your doctor first. The NHS has previsions for this and they’re cheaper by the hour than a lot of homeopaths.

As with many people, my life has been touched by depression and suicide. It’s no joke and there’s no “one size fits all” solution. But there is help out there. Real help.

Being told to try homeopathy is being told to give up. Seeing a homeopath is at least the step towards talking to someone about your depression. Once you’ve made that decision see your GP or phone the Samaritans or speak to MIND, instead. I’ve named a couple, but there are many.

At least they won’t sell you false hope.

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